Hvordan man opdaterer en libratone – helt fra bunden af.

Man følger bare denne vejledning: FIRMWARE UPDATE 1.       Download firmware here: 2.       Place the new Zipp firmware on an empty USB stick (FAT32) 3.       Release USB stick from computer 4.       Drain speaker battery (Connect phone to speaker through USB to speed up process) 5.       Mount USB stick to speaker 6.       Attach charger cable to […]

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Problemer med airplay?

In a support document issued today, Apple addressed a known issue with AirPlay Mirroring performance freezing or dropping out. MacBook Pro and Mac Pro users with last year’s models may see the issue when using an 802.11 b/g network… Apple’s solution? Disable Bluetooth. For Mac Pro users, that means breaking out the wired mouse and […]

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iTunes Match i Danmark

Endelig kom det. De har haft det i US i lang tid. Nu er det så i Danmark. iTunes Match og iTunes in the cloud. Hvad kan man bruge det til. Der er to hovedfunktioner i konceptet: iTunes Match: 1. Få opgraderet alle sine dårlige mp3filer til AAC 256 kbit/s kvalitet. Køber du tjenesten, vil […]

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